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E9X, E8X Ford 8.8 IRS Diff Swap

E9X, E8X Ford 8.8 IRS Diff Swap

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Easily bolt in a late model Ford Explorer IRS 8.8 rear differential into your E9x and E82 chassis.

Wrinkle black is standard finish.

Bolt in a 2007 to 2010 Ford Explorer IRS 8.8 rear differential into your E9x and E82 chassis.  The Ford 8.8 axle is known for is strength and availability.  Gears, lockers, rebuild kits are available from multiple manufactures.   This late model Explorer style differential uses an aluminum housing with dual front mount ears and a rear cover with built in mounting bosses which makes it perfect for swaps.  Not only is unit practically indestructible, it is lighter than the iron housing OWM BMW differential. This is the same kit used on my personal car and the current record for the quickest e90 chassis with a sub 1.3x 60’ time.

This kit utilizes OEM BMW front mounts and mount directly to the bottom of the rear sub frame to brace differential helping reduce wheel hop.  Rear bracket has hole patterns for both early and late model rear sub frames existing holes.  Slight enlargement of OEM sub frame holes may be required to mount using provided M10 hardware.  Rear subframe inserts included with captive nuts.  These inserts create a large surface area inside the OEM subframe for added strength and simple installation.

This kit only included hardware and brackets to install the Ford differential into your chassis.  Other required components need to be sourced on your own.  High strength axles can be purchased directly from Drive Shaft Shop Or used with off the shelf axles from Seems Legit Garage.  Driveshafts can be easily sourced from any local drive-line shop or the existing driveshaft can be modified.



All parts built to order. Current lead time is about 3 weeks.

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