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LSE9X Holley Can To BMW Conversion Box

LSE9X Holley Can To BMW Conversion Box

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Holley Terminator x Can to E9x, E8x Conversion box.

2 wire install at the DME connector. Plug and play inline with Holley Terminator x can connectors. Tachometer function, 335i oil temp gauge converted to a coolant temp gauge, front and rear wheel speed and ac button status input to Holley via can (no wasted inputs).


Not confirmed to work with n55 chassis. In development. Recode n55 to chassis to n54 for functionality.


Red blue twisted pair to be installed at red blue twisted pair at dme connection to pt can.


WARNING: NEVER flash any firmware updates with can box plugged in. Doing so can result in a bricked Holley ecu.  You should always be directly connected to the ecu when doing firmware updates. 

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